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class LRotherfield
    public $codingSkills = INF;

     * @Name Luke Rotherfield
     * @Occupation Symfony2/Symfony3 PHP Developer
     * @Description Web Developer based in Connecticut USA with a passion for designing
     *      and developing bespoke web applications using the Symfony PHP framework.
     *      Most of the bespoke development I do is aimed at meeting project requirements
     *      that cannot be fulfilled using 3rd party packages.  This will either be development of
     *      additional functionality to complement a third party system or a ground up
     *      development if there is nothing available (quality or functionality wise) in the market.
     *      Much of my work creating additional functionality is for the Magento platform.  Magento
     *      is a great platform but often projects will require custom functionality like
     *      a private sale module for example
     * @CoreGoal To develop clean and maintainable web software that satisfies the project requirements
     * @SoftwareExpertise Symfony Framework (1, 2 and 3), Magento, Silex, MySQL, Linux
    public function __construct()